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More things what I learned about video game streaming

So it’s about 10 hours since we finished the 36 hour marathon, and a few thoughts on some of the technical stuff come to mind. I thought I’d knock up a quick post about this, so that I don’t forget all this after

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Minecraft Marathon Update – Maps and News and Stuff!

It’s been a little while since we posted an update here – the latest news can always be found on our Facebook page – so it’s about time I updated with what’s been going on.  I can assure you that

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Final Fantasy VII – A Retrospective

  Back in the days of yore – actually around 14 years ago – several of my friends were talking about a PlayStation game called Final Fantasy 7. Most of the PSX games I had been interested in were things

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The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play

I’d like to talk about a game I picked up recently called DEFCON.  This game was released several years ago by Introversion, of Darwinia and Multiwinia fame.  The game itself has a pretty simple setting: it pits countries (or blocs

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