More things what I learned about video game streaming

So it’s about 10 hours since we finished the 36 hour marathon, and a few thoughts on some of the technical stuff come to mind. I thought I’d knock up a quick post about this, so that I don’t forget all this after I’ve slept!



Players are the easy bit, but we need a non-playing person to look after the video stream and social feeds, as well as doing the “commentator” and announcement stuff every now and then. One of the Ready Player 2 and Street Pass Southampton guys also suggested this in the Twitch comments and was bang on.



The mics used by Allun and Andrew were more suitable than the “proper” condenser mic I used, but cable noise was an issue as they were lapel/lav mics; hiding cables under clothing wasn’t really a practical option when people want to get up, wander round and have a break. Next time I think headset mics are definitely the way to go.



Regular indoor household lighting doesn’t cut it. My webcam framerate was piss poor; not really noticeable in the “inset” view, but full screen webcam video made it very apparent indeed. Anyone want to sell me some cheap softbox continuous lighting kits…?


Video feeds

Streaming gameplay footage is relatively easy these days, but having a separate machine running the stream would massively simplify matters, especially when things go titsup and games crash…


Webcam/Camera Video

My wecam sucks. It’s fine as a webcam, but it ain’t a video camera by any means. Decent lighting will help this, but can you spell grain? I’m sure as hell not going to be using chromakey with this thing. Unfortunately, “proper” HD cameras ain’t cheap :(.


Test, test and test again!

I noticed afterwards that my audio and video didn’t *quite* line up, and it’s really noticeable in full-screen webcam video. I thought I’d ironed this out already, but clearly not. All the micrphones and game audio are fed into a mixing desk, and the main output of the mixing desk is the audio you hear in the stream. I think there is a delay with my audio interface when not using ASIO drivers, so this could be the main culprit.

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