Minecraft Marathon Update

First of all, we want to send a massive thank you to everyone who watched the stream, shared the links and contributed donations.  We wouldn’t have made it without your help!

As you may have noticed from the donation widget, our Minecraft Marathon event met the fundraising goal we set for Child’s Play.  It was a modest goal but we didn’t even think that we’d get that far!  We’re extremely pleased and very touched that so many people contributed towards Child’s Play.  We’re going to leave the donation link active, because the money appears to be still rolling in; we had another £10 in this morning!

We’ve got – as you might have guessed! – many many hours of video footage to sift through, edit and highlight.  We’re hoping to get some highlight videos uploaded to our YouTube channel, but it might take a while so please bear with us!  The first one is in the pipes now and we’re hoping to get it uploaded before the day is out.

What’s next? Well we’ve got plenty of plans for some great content over on our YouTube channel, as well as more live streaming events in the pipeline.  We’re also planning a bigger and better marathon event in aid of Child’s Play next year, but we’re still getting over the first one so we’re in no hurry!

As ever you’ll find the most recent updates on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

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