Minecraft Marathon Update – Maps and News and Stuff!

It’s been a little while since we posted an update here – the latest news can always be found on our Facebook page – so it’s about time I updated with what’s been going on.  I can assure you that we haven’t been idle at Beard Towers!


Technical Stuff

The technical side is now pretty much sorted:

  • We have a good handle on the video for the stream (sorry, the game video probably won’t be in HD)
  • We have an 8-channel mixing desk to handle all the audio sources for the stream (yes, there are so many that it justifies a mixer!)
  • Thanks to the generosity of one of our volunteers we now have a Minecraft server
  • Remote access and networking is all sorted

So we’re pretty much set to go!


Minecraft Stuff

As mentioned we now have a Minecraft server up & running so we’re pretty much all set.  Except for what we’re actually going to be doing, that is!  Since we’re all so lame and severely lacking in the imagination department we’ve decided that we’ll “borrow” the talent of others and play through some of the excellent survival, puzzle and adventure maps that the awesome Minecraft community has come up with.  We have a few selections so far, but we’re always keen to hear more; head on over to our Facebook page if you want to give us some ideas.  We’ve embedded some Yogscast videos below to give you a taste of what these maps offer.


This map plonks you on a tiny island in the middle of the sky, gives you a few basic resources and gives a laundry list of challenges.  Some of the tougher challenges are:

  • Make a giant red mushroom
  • Collect 10 Ender-pearls
  • Craft 10 of each colour wool
  • Build and light a nether portal
  • Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow

Honestly, you should head on over to the thread and check out the full list; it’ll certainly keep us going a while!


The Dropper (Original and the Sequel)

These two stunning maps are not for those who suffer from any kind of motion sickness or vertigo!  Though they are certainly a welcome relief from those who are sick of jumping puzzles, as these are exactly the opposite: falling puzzles!  Check out this Yogscast video from a while back, because you really need to see these!


Herobrine’s Mansion & Herobrine’s Return

These two maps are adventure maps made by the awesome Hypixel. They both feature amazing locations, a full story line, custom items and dialogue, and all the other custom tricks that awesome people have come up with.


Wither’s Challenge

This is another awesome map by Hypixel; this is a custom mob arena with a full trading system and increasing levels of difficulty.  We’ve played this a few times before, and have never managed to get past the first level!

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